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1.Exclusive training Effective job at expositions

The training considerably increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the exposition for the company.The specific feature of this programme is practical step-by-step passing of the real stages of preparing for the exposition and communicating with the potential clients at the exposition. Training programme:
b.Visitors criteria
c.Stages of interaction with the visitors
d.The technique of active listening
e.The technique five steps of drawing closer
f.The tactics of replying to objections
g.Expositional stands arrangement
h.Commercial offer presentation
i.The technique Pecularity Profit
j.Twelve elements of effective presentation
k.The training programme includes pair and group exercises and role games.
The trainer: Olexandr Mychaylovych Mychaylov. The training is carried out to the company order .
The training lasts two days, three hours a day. The place, cost, and date are arranged individually.

If necessary, for the participation in exposition promotion girls will be at the companys disposal.

2.Training What the job-seekers should know

-The first steps during the job search
l.How to write a proper resume.
m.The methods of job search. Advantages and disadvantages.
n.Staff and recruiting agencies. Advantages and disadvantages.
o.The day before the interview. Preparation for the interview.
p.The ideal appearance for the interview with the job-giver.
q.Correct answers during the interview.
r.The structure of the conversation.
s.Questions by the audience.

The author of the training: : Olena Viacheslavivna Dziupyn, the director of the staff recruitment agency
The training progranmme is due on the odd dates on Saturdays at 14 oclock. The address: Lviv, Volodymyr Velykyi Street, 52, the fifth floor., office 509.
Registration is made in advance.

3. The training The art of sales

t.The first contact with the client.
u.The proper structure of the interview.
v.Easy techniques of influencing the interlocutor (the client).
w.Imitational method of influence.
x.The exchange of job experience of practicing sellers with listeners.
This programme increases the efficiency of interaction with the potential client, builds the relationships of liking and trust.
It is conducted to the companys order. Date, place, trainers and costs are discussed in each case individually.

We are organizing internal training programmes to the companies order.

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