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пошук роботи, пiдбiр персоналу, аналiз ринку, менеджмент



Order for staff selection

If you use our services, you will not only save time and money for personnel search, selection and testing, but also save yourself from the lost opportunities. How much does it cost to select personnel in a hurry or by non-professionals? The answer is the following: advertising expenses + interviewer’s payment+ training the selected person + salary during his probation + lost opportunities as the result of non-professional work.

I. Information about the company
The full title of the company: *
Director's name:
The name of the person engaged in personell selection: *
Address (legal and actual):
Contact phone numbers: *
E-mail address:
Work sphere of the company:
II. Information about the vacancy
Vacancy *
Number of places:
The order of hiring a specialist (main place of work, contract, combining several jobs):
Guaranteed primary salary for the probation term:
Average salary for the given vacancy:
Length of the working day (full/ not full, working hours):
Business trips (Yes/No, region of business trips):
Business trips (Yes/No, region of business trips):
Place of work (address):
III. Requirements to the candidate
Phone number (necessary/ unnecessary):
Marital status:
Children (age):
Job experience:
Foreign language (level)
Computer (programmes and level)
Special programmes knowledge:
Driving license, category:
Driving length of service:
Orgtechnics operating skills:
Personal qualities (appearance, psychological description):
Additional requirements:
Position duties:
IV. Carry out the following work according to the order
1. Candidates' search in the agency's database, mass media, Internet, goal-oriented search: (mark if needed))
2. Head hunting: (mark if needed))
3. Confirmation of the reference letters: (mark if needed))
4. Interviewing and sifting out: (mark if needed))
5. Psychological testing: (mark if needed))
V. Customer's requisites
Ukrainian legal entity code (ЕДРПОУ):
Customer's bank:
Bank branch location code (МФО):

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