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The cooperation between our company and staff recruitment agency started in 2003. Due to the rich database of this agency I was able to select the right people in a short period of time, including specialists from other cities. Other local recruitment agencies could not cope with this task. I also like the persistency and professionalism of the agencys staff and pleasant atmosphere of the office. Taking into account the development of our company in future I am going to order staff only through .

Deputy director of UE Serhiy Victorovych Krotov

The private enterprise wishes to thank the staff recruitment agency for the fruitful cooperation and prompt personnel selection. During 2003 our team was enhanced by seven qualified workers due to the effective personnel selection by this agency.. We are planning to use the services of in future.

Petro Ivanovych Charyna, deputy director of the PC

We regularly select our staff with the help of the staff recruitment agency . The result of this cooperation is positive. This agency is able to find t employees even of a rare specialization.

Yuriy Bihansky
Rexay LLC.

For the short term of cooperation with the staff recruitment agency we have gradually become regular clients. Due to the professionalism and high qualification of the staff we completely trust the employees selected by this agency. During our work we made sure that the candidates recommended by the the staff recruitment agency really ideally suit every single position and meet our requirements.

Yevhen Mychaylovych Dzhura, director of

We have warm recollections about our cooperation with the staff recruitment agency as it appeared to be successful and fruitful. Kyiv company asked Lviv agency for help in the search of qualified employee able to present our company in the western region of Ukraine in a proper way. The staff recruitment agency , taking into account all our requests and wishes, has coped with its task rather quickly. We are completely satisfied by the results.

LLC represented by Volodymyr Victorovych Shevtsov.

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