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Personnel recruitment

        Periodically, every company is faced with the need of specialists search and recruitment of different profile and level. A proper choice of the candidate can often help to increase productivity and profitability of the company, despite of other additional factors. Employee choice failure usually leads to big routine business or insufficient competence of the personnel. The recruitment agency УGarantФ has been successfully working on the staff recruitment and personnel search in Lviv and Western region of Ukraine since 2003. Staff recruitment, head hunting and personnel search of different qualifications Ц are the main approaches of the activity of our agency. While working in Lviv we have closed a huge amount of vacancies in the commercial and manufacturing companies, and also in the companies of the service sector. Our main specialization is staff recruitment in Lviv.

        Having applied to us for a staff recruitment, you will be free from the necessity to organize personnel search by yourself, that can take months for a nonprofessional; you will be insured from the employee choice failure, and instead of it you will use your working time productively; you will exempt your company from the necessity to pay for the advertisements on the websites and newspapers; as a result, all of these things will save money of the company and will increase its productivity.We accomplish staff recruitment in short period of time (for urgent orders the terms of the staff recruitment begin on the 3rd day after signing the agreement). We are a success with the help of our professional team, big database of resumes and contacts with the top managers, who have applied to our company for a service already for 9 years. Currently, we have in our database over 60000 resumes of different profile experts.

         Our agency offers low prices for search and staff recruitment- 6-8% from the annual salary for highly skilled professionals and 4% of the annual salary for the rank and file. We work without prepay. In a case the candidate doesnТt pass the probation period we organize free exchange of the candidate. If you need several experts, we will make a discount. We are loyal to every client in any situation. If there is a need, any information about the client will be confidential.

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