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Mystery shopper

Garant agency offers marketing research "mystery shoppers." At present the method of "mystery shoppers" are the most effective of all the modern techniques of quality customer service and identify strategic mistakes in this area.
This study in a short period of time allows to answer the following questions as:

As far as quality service your company offers? How considerate of your employees to potential customers? How well do your employees know the product and range? How well do your employees have "art sale"? Honesty staff? and others.

Studies show that in 70 percent of the cause of the loss of customers in the retail industry is the low level of service. Research "mystery shoppers" reveals failures retail buyer eyes. In the case of regular use inspections sales staff becomes possible permanent correction of vendors and other employees, as well as the needs of the sale as a whole. With regular checks made possible the introduction of a bonus system for the remuneration of sales personnel.

best option of research "mystery shoppers" is: one month - the study without the knowledge of the sales staff, the information received by the analysis of errors; Message sales staff about continued participation in the program "mystery shoppers", regular analysis of errors and other vendors. personnel. According to the companies, the regular use of checks sales staff by "mystery shoppers" increases at 'sales volume more than doubled.
mechanism of. to real buyers company added a number of trained "Mystery shoppers". "Mystery shoppers" are a special legend and can not be distinguished from reality. They are selected according to the criteria which correspond to most potential buyers of the firm (age, gender, income, etc..).

study by the "Mystery shoppers" consists of 4 stages:
1. Training (conducted with the participation of the Customer)
-plan development study
-Develop questionnaires for research
-Drawing legends buyers
-Coaching "Mystery shoppers"
2. Working undercover shoppers outlet
3. Processing and ordering information.

Questionnaires filled by "Mystery shoppers" consisting of about -objective and sub -objective evaluation criteria, and the comment "mystery shopper" in any form. Objective evaluation criteria - a response in the form of SO NO (eg whether prodaviets greeted with a client), subjective - zadovolennist staff work (eg care staff).

Control of the "Mystery shoppers" based on the following:
Checking behalf of the seller in the form of staffing companies (staffing provides customer). Check profiles on logic and sequence information, complete filling.

What can explain using the method of "mystery shoppers":
- How to meet client
- How do buyers and others. staff that communicates with the client
- Politeness consultants, vendors, managers
- Performance standards for customer service employees
- behavior in conflict situations
- Using promotional materials
- Accuracy and completeness of information provided product
- Application dealers sale
- method transfer from one customer to another employee
- offer additional services
and many other highlights of the sale.

Cost this study with the participation of 10 "Mystery Shopper" (the rate of one "mystery shopper" talks with three vendors) is: 1300 UAH
The mechanism of payment:
70% paid within 3 days of the signing of the agreement
30% after the Customer final report.

If a company decides to use regularly check sales staff by "mystery shoppers" price determined later.

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