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Recruitment, setting and maintaining personnel records are required directions of any organization. Often recruitment is realized not by the expert (HR manager), but the head, who presses this process in his already busy schedule. Selection of staff takes a big part of his working time, distracts him of the main activity and as a result reduces the effectiveness of the business.
Second question - is the human resources documentation. Most companies do not pay special attention to it and many are already facing the consequences of such an attitude, namely inspections of funds and tax, litigation, fines, etc. However, to avoid these problems it is enough to very professionally and competently maintain records, following the laws of Ukraine.

We offer you outsourced recruitment and HR administration.
Outsourcing HR (HRO) - is the transfer of functions of internal personnel manager of the company to the agency. HRO completely eliminates the problem of recruiting staff for the company. In this case, when in company occurs a vacancy or is a need for staff reserve, this is the work of a specialized agency. All information on the selection of candidates is confidential, if necessary, even the employees do not know anything about the situation (which is impossible with the internal personnel manager). If selected specialist fails probation, this is also the problem of the agency. At the request of the company, agency may conduct testing, questioning employees, personnel assessment and evaluation by the method of "secret customer".

Outsourcing HR office
is the transfer of functions HR administration in full accordance with applicable labor laws that is fulfillment of all functions of HR inspector by the specialist of our agency. Namely: design of acceptance -dismissal of staff, drafting amendments to the employment agreements, filling of labor books, planning of the staff schedule, accounting and schedule vacations; drafting of position descriptions etc.

Ordering outsourcing of recruitment and personnel records your company will receive the following benefits:

qualitative staff recruitment for vacancies from the director to the worker, conducted by specialists;
qualitative conducting of personnel records in accordance with Ukrainian legislation;
automatic replacement of candidates if necessary;
you save on payroll and paying tax for positions of staff manager and HR inspector;
you save on workplaces of staff manager and the HR inspector, not buying them computers, paying for Internet and phone calls;
outsourcing is a continuous year round process and do not depend on vacations or sicknesses of specialists.

And what is very important - you are not responsible for others' mistakes, however, as you know, competence is expensive, and incompetence - even more expensive.

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